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Compositing Showreel (2023):

Compositing Showreel
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Supertato - Series 1
ToonBoom / After Effects
BBC Studios
52 Episodes

Supertato is an action-comedy series for BBC Studios, composited predominantly in Toon Boom Harmony.

Working as part of the Compositing and FX team was both technically and creatively challenging. This was my first experience using Toon Boom Harmony, which involved learning how to work within a node-based system. Understanding how the character rigs and palettes work in these systems informed the compositing practices of the show.
Getting the opportunity to collaborate with the Art and FX departments to create treatments for a range of FX was hugely rewarding. These treatments included ice and bubble jets, splat shots (jam, honey, custard), cheese rivers, lantern glows and many more. For all of these FX treatments, we created Harmony templates which could be re-used and tweaked in later episodes. This approach streamlined the compositing process and allowed us to focus on each episode's unique challenges.

The show's cinematic art direction elevated my use of lighting, composition and camera movement to new heights. For this, we used a mixture of ToonBoom and After Effects, depending on the scene's specific requirements.
Tee and Mo - Musical Special
After Effects
1 Episode

Big Boots Birthday: A Tee and Mo Mini Musical is a 13 minute musical special for CBeebies. The show was composited entirely in After Effects. 

The compositing process on this project predominantly involved adding parallax, vignettes and colour correction to scenes, as well as masking and layering of various animation sequences. I was also responsible for the ingesting and exporting of renders from After Effects into Premiere Pro.
This show enhanced my understanding of the full animation process from animatic assembly to final delivery and the realtionships between editorial and compositing departments. Collaborating with the art department to create dynamic backgrounds for the music sequence was particularly rewarding, working with tools in AFX to emulate the textured look of the rest of the show.


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